Demand for one man delivery still rising due to social distancing

Demand for one-man delivery still rising due to social distancing.

How to move to a one-person solution with the help of a powered stair climber.

Online deliveryThankfully, the number of customers stockpiling groceries has started to slow, easing some of the pressure off of supermarkets.

Despite this, UK consumers have spent £524m more in April on food and drink but are shopping less often as the lockdown appears to not be ending any time soon.

With thousands of high-risk people not able to leave their homes, coupled with many who are fearful of doing so, online supermarket deliveries are soaring. Regardless, it is still being reported that deliveries to the vulnerable, elderly, and disabled need better coordination.

The over-65s spent 94 percent more with online supermarkets in April than they did in the same period last year, according to researchers Kantar. Online deliveries now account for a record 10.2 percent of total grocery sales, up from 7.4 percent last month.

Supermarkets have released extra delivery slots to cope with the struggling demand, with Tesco making 1.2million available.

Strategy review

M&S – who have previously not provided a delivery service – launch on Deliveroo this week. Offering basics such as fruit, vegetables, pasta, alcohol, and toilet roll to accommodate families during the pandemic and those in isolation. A demonstration of a business adapting with the times.

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Social distancing rules have forced online distributors to review their delivery strategy. A one-man operation is now faced with moving, lifting, and carrying potentially heavy goods up and down stairs, as well as over other obstacles and thresholds.  This poses potential health and safety risks to the individual and the business.

Now it is vital for supermarkets, and online suppliers, to look for alternative solutions that can help with the efficiencies and margins in their business whilst complying with current social distancing regulations.

Powered stair climbers paving the way for a delivery solution.

To facilitate new ways of working, delivery companies can use a powered stair climber to deliver online orders safely, more efficiently whilst safely eliminating the need for a two-man operation.

Move heavy loads safely up the stairs.

Reducing injuries and supporting businesses with cost-efficient solutions is a major focus for innovative manual handling equipment specialist,Stanley. The Bedfordshire-based company is at the forefront of powered stair climber development, supplying and maintaining a range of machines designed specifically for the logistics and warehousing sectors.

Extended trials with major retailers have already shown them to offer a significant return on investment, through savings in manpower and a reduction in operative injury.

Weighing just 13.5kg with a carrying capacity of up to 85kg, Stanley’s Sprinter 85 stair climber trolley offers an ideal solution for medium to light loads, for example. With simple push button control and twin speed function, the trolley’s caterpillar tracks and puncture-proof tyres, enables a single operator to negotiate stairs safely and quickly. Its compact and foldable design facilitates easy onboard stowage and a one-hour fast charge battery ensures continual reliability.

Contact Stanley on 0800 298 2980 or [email protected] to arrange a free demonstration of a stair climber.

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