Credit insurers cut cover – how businesses can remain consistent and profitable

white goods deliveryIt has been reported that a major electrical retailer has had its credit insurance cover cut. Without it, suppliers will usually require an upfront payment. This type of insurance is a crucial part of the retail supply chain, protecting suppliers against customers going bust between accepting an order and making payment.  

The current cost of living crisis has hit the industry, reducing disposable income and impacting big-ticket spending whilst triggering warranty policy cancellations. All amount to fewer product purchases which ultimately impact the bottom line. 

Not only this, the rising cost of freight, small margins and shortage of workers – in particular, delivery drivers – have put increasing pressure on the sector.

How the industry can adapt to remain competitive

As credit insurers cut cover, white goods firms can protect profits by making cost savings elsewhere.

Optimising last-mile delivery, for example, will lead to significant savings for retailers particularly as the home delivery market still remains buoyant. 

Protecting staff from the risk of injury through manual handling, whilst optimising operative efficiency and managing costs is an area where innovation and smart thinking need to play a crucial role.

Sprinter powered stair climbers, such as the Sprinter 85 and 120 models, are currently used by national retailers to reduce operational costs by allowing businesses to move from two to one-man delivery operations. With the use of a powered stair climber, businesses can improve door-step delivery time and reduce the risk of a manual handling injury. Both are vital in a worker scarce economy.

The likes of Asda and Currys are already using the Stanley solutions to improve the efficiency of their last-mile operation.

Retailers get in touch with Stanley if you want to:

  • Reallocate business resources – move to one-man delivery 
  • Improve efficiencies each shift, cut delivery times
  • Reduce the risk of a manual handling injury and cut sickness levels
  • Demonstrate to staff that you take health and safety seriously

Whether you need to reduce manual handling injuries, improve efficiency whilst reducing cost, change employee behaviours, or revolutionise product moving, loading and delivery,

Stanley is your partner.

Stanley also offers 3,6 and 12-month hire options.  Arrange a free no-obligation demonstration at your site.

Email [email protected] or call 0800 298 2980

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