Coronavirus increases demand for online grocery shopping. What can supermarkets do?

As the spread of Coronavirus continues throughout the UK, Public Health England and NHS advice is to wash your hands thoroughly but also plan ahead based on your situation.

34% of shoppers are stockpiling food in case of a major coronavirus outbreak.

We are told prepare our households for those who become infected are required to self-isolate for a couple of weeks. This consequently has put immense pressure on supermarkets as panic buyers hit the shops.

Online deliveries on the rise.

This week it has been reported that the number of online grocery deliveries has grown since customers are ordering their groceries on the internet rather than in store. The impact is intensified by those customers who would not typically go online but now have no option but to log on.

You would think that this is great news for the supermarkets and other online retailers, however the surge in demand has meant that there is a long delay for delivery slots – causing disruption to the operations and logistic departments.

To compensate the government is extending the hours that online deliveries can be made to supermarkets to help the industry respond to the spike in demand for some essentials as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

To help with efficiencies supermarkets can consider using a powered stair climber to deliver online orders safely, more efficiently and the need for a two-man operation is eliminated.

Powered-stair climbers paving the way for a delivery solution.

Reducing injuries and supporting businesses with cost-efficient solutions is a major focus for innovative manual handling equipment specialist, Stanley. The Bedfordshire-based company is at the forefront of powered stair climber development, supplying and maintaining a range of machines designed specifically for the logistics and warehousing sectors. Extended trials with major retailers have already shown them to offer a significant return on investment, through savings in manpower and a reduction in operative injury.


Weighing just 13.5kg with a carrying capacity of up to 85kg, Stanley’s Sprinter 85 stair climber trolley offers an ideal solution for medium to light loads, for example. With simple push button control and twin speed function, the trolley’s caterpillar tracks and puncture proof tyres, enables a single operator to negotiate stairs safely and quickly. Its compact and foldable design facilitates easy onboard stowage and a one-hour fast charge battery ensures continual reliability.

Overall, 84% of shoppers are concerned in some way about a major coronavirus outbreak in the UK, with one quarter being very concerned. 23% of shoppers have or plan to increase their use of online grocery delivery due to coronavirus concerns.

Now it is more important than ever for online retailers to look for solutions that can help with the efficiencies and margins in their business.

Contact Stanley  on 0800 298 2980 or [email protected] to arrange a free demonstration of a stair climber.

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