Checking in on furloughed and shielding staff

A recent study by Oxford University has found shocking impacts from lockdown on physical and mental wellbeing.

Mnetal health at homeAccording to the preliminary findings from the survey conducted by the Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO), poor nutrition, and less physical activity, had a serious impact on mental health in England.

The survey reveals:

  • A stark rise in negative mental health since the start of lockdown measures – with younger adults disproportionately suffering.
  • Decreased physical activity – 46% of participants are less active;
  • Increased binge eating and consumption of processed snacks and alcohol.

The findings are intensified as businesses are not only struggling to stay open; workers are concerned for their future employment. What is more, underlying mental health issues often come to the forefront during times of high stress and anxiety.

Stanley Ulijaszek, Professor of Human Ecology and UBVO Director, says, ‘COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in increased levels of anxiety, poor sleep, persistent sadness, binge eating, suicidal thoughts, snacking, consumption of alcohol and reduced levels of physical activity.’

Professor Ulijaszek maintains, ‘These changes have potential long-term consequences for obesity rates and chronic disease more broadly.’

Protecting employee’s mental wellbeing whilst working from home

The Government is encouraging workers to return to work from August 1st if the environment is COVID secure.

Those who are returning to work are likely going to feel anxious. Particularly individuals who have been shielding since March.

How can business owners understand how their workers are feeling beforehand?

Managers are looking for ways to ensure that they are correctly supporting their staff who are either furloughed, working remotely, or shielding.

A preventative mental wellbeing strategy for a business is not only more cost-effective, but it demonstrates a duty of care to employees. Research has shown that employees who feel supported and looked after are likely to be more productive.

Happy female workerMindCheck is the online technology for improving mental wellbeing. Available exclusively from Stanley, the MindCheck online survey tool enables employers to remotely monitor the emotional health of employees continuously, for the purpose of improving individual and company wellbeing.

You can rest assured that MindCheck will quickly identify vulnerable team members who may be suffering from anxiety, stress or other mental health concerns – particularly important to those returning to the work environment.

Benefits of MindCheck:

  • tailored to your business
  • continuous evaluation
  • management ‘red flag’ dashboard
  • strictly confidential
  • the survey takes less than 2 minutes per month
  • smartphone compatible
  • identifies at-risk employees immediately
  • increases team engagement
  • improves productivity
  • reduces company absenteeism
  • creates a healthier, more open work environment
  • demonstrates a proactive culture of support

For more information about MindCheck, contact Stanley on [email protected]

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