Care home moving and handling safety during emergencies

Helping residents is a significant part of the working day for care home employees. A large number of injuries to staff are caused by moving and handling people – particularly during emergencies.

Fire exit

Some residents may need assistance to move around safely or to participate in activities, others may be dependent on staff for bathing, getting up and down the stairs, dressing, during emergencies and other tasks which involve moving and handling.

These activities need to be managed to reduce the risk of injury and musculoskeletal disorders to staff, as well as to protect the resident.

Often risk assessments of emergency procedures such as lift failures and fire evacuations are ignored or forgotten.

For example, it can take weeks for an engineer to diagnose a broken lift fault, yet alone order the part and fix the problemIn the meantime, what is your plan to keep the care home operating efficiently, whilst protecting the needs of those in your care?


Mobility care home stanley work with hundreds of care home providers throughout the UK to provide safe, efficient and dignified solutions to residents for when lifts are out of service, in case of emergencies [such as a fire] or simply to add to the care experience.

stanley helped Collinson Care Home with their evacuation processes by providing a Jolly stair climber, watch this video to see how.

Remember that we can if necessary provide competitive hire and finance packages to suit your requirements.

View our mobility solutions here. 

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