Accessibility must be top priority for new transport technology

Accessibility must be a top priority for new transport technology says UK government

Innovative technologies and new modes of transport should transform travel for those with disabilities and older people.

Back in March the government launched the mobility strategy which declared that transport innovations must be accessible by design in order to empower independent travel.

Talking recently at an event aimed at improving the mobility of older and disabled people,

Jesse Norman, The Future of Mobility Minister said:

“Self-driving technologies could greatly improve the mobility of vulnerable user groups, helping to address problems of isolation and loneliness across the country.

“The needs of older people, and those with visible or hidden disabilities, must be at the heart of all new modes of transport.”

The exciting announcement comes after the arrival of several exciting transport innovations, including the first trails of self-driving vehicles for blind veterans.

Ruth Owen OBE, chief executive of equipment charity Whizz-Kidz, said that the younger generation of wheelchair users speak out about how challenging travelling can be.

“It’s pointless booking a train ticket to go to work or attend a job interview if the right ramp isn’t available to get their wheelchair on the train,” she said.

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