Accessibility after lockdown

The strict accessibility guidelines with concerns to public and commercial buildings mean that properties should be wheelchair friendly.

Unfortunately, access standards are still inadequate in many public places including transport links, restaurants, pubs, theatres, and wedding venues. Even some workplaces do not have the correct processes in place.

For example, a recent study has found that 1 in 3 hotels does not meet accessibility requirements. 58% of the disabled population that were surveyed said staff at hotels were not as knowledgeable about accessibility needs as they could have been. This demonstrates a training and awareness gap. And what with 43% of Brits planning a domestic holiday in 2021, the issue needs addressing.

wedding venues
With wedding guests now permitted, is your hotel or venue accessible?


Problems also occur in older buildings and even your own home, where an elevator is not permittable or affordable.

Therefore, getting a wheelchair up the stairs, particularly as we are now coming out of lockdown, can be an issue felt more frequently than anticipated.

How can a venue help a wheelchair up the stairs?

Jolly at a venueA common solution for a wheelchair user to get up and down the stairs is the use of a removable ramp. These can be installed easily over the steps. However, ramps can be awkward to correctly position into place, so caution needs to be taken.

Where a ramp or elevator is not available, a wheelchair powered stair climber can be used to safely transport a person in a wheelchair up and down the stairs and even over door thresholds.

Wheelchair stair climbers

The machines are designed to improve user mobility, comfort, provide peace of mind to the caregiver and boost the ease of navigation for those people who are less mobile when they are visiting public places.

As the country begins to leave lockdown over the coming weeks following the covid pandemic, wheelchair users and caregivers can use a wheelchair powered stair climber with confidence when visiting family, friends, and public places such as hotels, restaurants and sports venues. 

Particularly if the access standards are either unknown or unsatisfactory at such places. A mobility powered stair climber can improve the accessibility standards of an institution and ultimately the safety – for example during a fire or evacuation.

The latest relaxation of lockdown rules means that care homes are now allowed to take residents out on day trips without isolating on return, here wheelchair powered stair climbers are proven to be helpful during the care process.  Watch the video below to see how Stanely helped Collinson Care Home with their care and fire evacuation strategy.


Stanley provide wheelchair powered stair climbers for better access and mobility.  Book a FREE Covid safe demonstration to see how easy the machine is to operate.

Hire and finance plans are also available. Speak to our sales team today on freephone 0800 298 2980 or email [email protected]  to discuss the best option for your needs.




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