7 Benefits of the NuDrive Air

The NuDrive Air is an innovative lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchairs, that provides more mobility and better physical well-being for wheelchair users. With the NuDrive, you don’t need to propel your chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, you can propel yourself forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, simply by pushing the levers.

In general, the core benefits may seem pretty obvious, but actually we think there’s more than meets the eye.


Here are our top 7 benefits of the NuDrive Air:


  • Protects hands and wrists, and improves hygiene


The padded levers enable you to propel the wheelchair without tightly gripping the wheels, which often come into contact with various unwelcome contaminants on pavements and other surfaces.



  • Reduces the risk of shoulder degradation and injury by shifting shoulder loading


There is extensive evidence to show that prolonged over-exertion during manual wheelchair propulsion can result in chronic damage to the shoulder joint and other structures. The risk of damage is thought to be higher for children because of their lower upper body strength. Recent medical research has highlighted the fact that propelling a wheelchair using the push rim produces high directional shoulder forces, and this correlates with coracoacromial arch pathology as shown by an MRI scan, and also physical discomfort. That research recommended that researchers and clinicians find ways to reduce the forces and moments experienced by the shoulder during wheelchair propulsion Modified wheelchair design including a new method of self propulsion is a way to achieve this, without the loss of freedom for the chair user.


  • Easily attaches to most manual wheelchair types with 22, 24 and 25-inch spoked wheels


It’s really that simple – the levers simply clip on and you’re all set!


  • Levers are counter-balanced meaning they stay in an upright position at all times


The advanced technology means there is no startling jolting movement as you wheel off, meaning a smooth ride at all times.



  • Secure control of the wheels, even when wet and safer control on declines


Wet wheels can be hazardous as they’re often difficult to grip, which is a particular concern on any declines. With the level drive system, operating your wheelchair is much safer, on all types of surface.


  • Improved breathing due to better posture


Breathing when leaning too far forward is very difficult due to the additional pressure on the lungs. The difficulty is, many wheelchairs aren’t designed with particular thought into posture of the user. With the NuDrive Air, the levers are designed to be in the most comfortable position, so you’re able to breathe better and therefore go much further.


  • Extends the range and ability of your manual wheelchair


At stanley, we are very serious about improving the quality of life for all, particularly the mobility impaired. Contact us to find out more about the NuDrive Air and our other mobility products.
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