5 ways how the Tolo can improve your quality of life

The Tolo is a comfortable battery-powered mobility unit, which enables users to overcome door thresholds and ascend and descend the majority of staircases – including spiral, winding and straight stairs.

Having attended several exhibitions over the beginning of 2019 we were surprised to discover that many people were still unaware of how the Tolo wheelchair stair climber can improve the quality of life for users.

Here are five benefits of using a Tolo:

·       Smooth comfortable ride up and down the stairs

Most stair climbers allow you to just descend the stairs in a jolting manner. The Tolo however, with the help of a trained individual, allows the user to go up and down the stairs in a smooth motion at the touch of a button.

·       Small and compact

The Tolo powered stair climber is a relatively small unit meaning that it can navigate up the tightest of staircases. Not only this, the stair climber can go up and down spiral, winding and straight stairs.

·       Secure braking system provides peace of mind

The sophisticated automatic braking system provides confidence and peace of mind to the operator. You can stop on the stairs safely and securely at any point.

·       Bespoke to your requirements

The Tolo can be purchased with a wide variety of attachments and fittings suitable to your needs. For example, foldable armrest, headrest and many other lateral supports.

·       Free demonstrations

Users should feel confident before they purchase a wheelchair stair climber. Because of this Stanley offers FREE demonstrations of the Tolo at your home. Book your demonstration now.

At Stanley, we are very serious about improving the quality of life for all, particularly the mobility impaired. Contact us to find out more about the Tolo and our other mobility products.

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