4 products to better your mobility

For the mobility impaired, advancements in technology are very welcome as they enable a greater quality of life to be enjoyed. There is an ever-increasing range of products out there; the difficulty is, no one-size-fits-all approach exists as each degree of impairment presents its own challenges. Whether that’s navigating stairs, entering and exiting buildings or simply just moving around when in a wheelchair, the obstacles are plentiful but it’s very hard to source and identify a suitable solution to lessen the challenges faced.

Our helpful guide is designed to help raise your awareness of some of the best mobility solutions available and educate you as to how they can help.

  1. Lever propulsion system for wheelchairs: NuDrive Air

The NuDrive Air is the innovative lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchairs, providing more mobility for users whilst improving physical well-being. With NuDrive you don’t need to propel your chair by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, you can propel yourself forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, simply by pushing the levers.

The ‘Snap-Lock’ technology allows each of the wheel adaptor levers to be fitted in seconds, without altering your current wheel configurations. Once in place, the lightweight design adds no width to your chair and can be left unobtrusively positioned on the wheel.


2. Wheelchair stair climbing solutions: the Jolly

The Jolly is a mobile stair climber which allows the user to travel up and down the stairs in the comfort of their own wheelchair. Designed to manage the majority of staircases, it is compatible with electric chairs, wheelchairs with tilting or movable backrests and even pushchairs.

Installation is not required.  Once the wheelchair is attached to the tracked base , a trained operator can simply manoeuvre the user up and down the stairs in a smooth motion.

The unique design keeps the user at a level position on the stairs, instilling confidence and trust at all times during operation.

jolly stair climber on stairs

3. Wheelchair stair climbing solutions: the Tolo

We additionally offer the Tolo wheelchair stairclimber, which enables the user to navigate the wheelchair around the environment unaided, affording independence, increased quality of life and freedom, as it is a complete battery-powered mobility unit.

The Tolo wheelchair stair climber offers two functionalities, one being an operator driven stair climbing solution and the other an independent driving system.

This purpose-built machine delivers a more bespoke offering, whereby users can navigate using the joystick controls to overcome architectural barriers.

tolo mobility stair climber

4. Foldable suitcase ramp

Our foldable suitcase ramp is highly portable. Simply fold-up, wheel the ramp to the desired location and then unfold. The structure is ready to use anywhere in seconds.

At only 15cm wide when folded, a small storage area is required, the stanley ramp takes up limited space in the home or business environment.

The safety features included provide peace of mind whilst you are overcoming stair thresholds.   Each foldable ramp comes with 6cm side borders, anti-slip surface, can be used in any weather conditions and is made using robust aircraft aluminium materials.  

At stanley, we are committed to improving access and mobility for all and providing a better quality of life for those who are mobility impaired. We hope you have found our products interesting and would love to discuss how we can help you. Contact us today for more information.

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